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Caring for your pool involves more than just adding chlorine once in a while. Get to know your swimming pool's pump and filtration system and how to keep them in top running order, then learn about sanitization, and your pool will give you years of family enjoyment.


How long should I run the pool pump?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" answer since there are too many variables. The time of year, the pool size, size of the pump, and swimmer load all play a role in determining your pump's run time. Call or stop in to Aquafina and Tony or Janet can let you know how many hours a day the pump should run.


How often should I clean the filter?

It depends on the type of filter - whether you have a sand filter, cartridge filter, or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter. Sand filters should be backwashed when the pressure is 7-10 lbs. over normal operating pressure. Cartridge filters should be hosed off when the filter gauge indicates 7-10 lbs. above normal pressure. Like sand, diatomaceous earth filters must be backwashed when the pressure is 7-10 lbs. above normal pressure. Once the filter has been backwashed, new DE must be added through the skimmer to coat the grids in the filter. Tony or Janet can tell you how much DE is needed to "recharge" the filter.

How often should I test the pool water?

Testing your pool 2-3 times per week is important for maintaining proper water balance and sanitizer levels. Aquafina sells test kits and test strips as a quick means to evaluate the levels in the pool. You should bring in a water sample to Aquafina for Janet to test every couple weeks for a complete chemical analysis.


Chlorine tabs or liquid. Which is better?

Each has its advantages. Solid chlorine tabs are more convenient and add stabilizer. Liquid chlorine is less expensive but requires stabilizer to be added. Stabilized chlorine tabs are available in 1" and 3" diameter and skimmer sticks. You can exchange your empty liquid chlorine jugs at Aquafina for full ones at a very reasonable cost.


When should I shock the pool?

Regularly shocking the pool is a critical step in keeping the pool clean and clear. Oils and sweat, plus environmental debris add waste to the pool that must be eliminated to prevent cloudy water and algae. We'll recommend the best shock treatment for your pool.

When should I use algaecide?

Algaecide should be used as a preventive measure and should be added after every shock treatment. We can advise you as to how much algaecide to add.


How do I get my green pool nice and clear?

Start by removing all organic material such as leaves and other environmental debris. Brush all surfaces of the pool thoroughly. If you have a cartridge filter, remove it from the canister. With the pump circulating, add two capfuls of algaecide, followed by four bags of shock. In extreme cases, use three capfuls and six bags. Add a regular dose of chlorine. Let the pool circulate overnight. Once the turquoise color comes back, replace the filter cartridge. Keep the pump running 24 hours and hose the filter off every day. In a few days, the water should be clear!

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